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ALIZEN Relaxation

Alizen® is a relaxing herbal tea that is the ideal way to treat yourself to a moment of rest. This organic infusion consists of organic ingredients that have been selected for their comforting flavour: honeybush, cacao pods, star anise, lemon balm, poppy and tulsi.


Upon tasting, the Alizen® organic infusion presents notes of chocolate right from the outset. These notes continue throughout the tasting. These are nuanced and softened by the notes of honey, malt, and wood from the honeybush, while the star anise unveils the spicy and woody centre of the cacao. You will want to hold on to this gentle and comforting sensation for as long as possible. The sweet flavour and very smooth, even thick, texture reinforce this comforting and enveloping sensation.

Product is:

Organic, vegan




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Organic honeybush (44.8%), roasted organic cacao husks (36%), concentrated organic tulsi powder (6.2%), organic star anise (4.9%), organic lemon balm (4.9%), concentrated organic poppy powder (3%), organic acacia gum (0.2%).

How To Use:

Brew in hot water for 5 minutes