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Balsamic vinegar N° 4 White

A white balsamic vinegar of Modena. Succumb to this sweet and original seasoning that will perfectly reveal the subtlety of your salads and other dishes.


A subtle and fruity fragrance, a sweetish taste, with a touch of acidity.

Product is:

This product from Modena is aged at least 4 years, it has followed various decanting stages to obtain nuances of flavors in constant evolution.


250 ml


Italy, region of Modena


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Ideal also to offer as a gift for those looking for a high quality product and who cares about the image. Piazza Grande vinegar is a playful product inspired by a tradition reinvented in a young and original way.


Trebbiano Bianco grape must and white vinegar

How To Use:

With mixed salads, grilled or fried fish, seafood salads, white meats, shellfish, mild cheese...