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SOU TSIAN Detox - Black tea - 30 teabags

Today, Thés de la Pagode recreates the beneficial properties of Sou Tsian, an exceptional Oolong tea. The draining and detoxifying properties of tea are an excellent aid to any slimming and well-being programme in conjunction with a varied, balanced diet.


This tea with the subtle woody notes of chestnut, hazelnut and honey can be consumed throughout the day.

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30 teabags


It is cultivated in the preserved tea gardens of Fujian, according to ancestral methods.


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SOU TSIAN Detox - Black tea - 90 teabags


Traditional Chinese medicine recommends Oolong to detoxify the body and offset weight gain thanks to its draining action. When used together with a suitable balanced diet, Oolong tea is a natural draining substance that helps combat water retention and initiates detox. With a low theine content, Sou Tsian Detox tea - a delicious organic tea from Fujian, can be enjoyed until late in the afternoon.


Organic Chinese oolong tea (100%)

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