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MINT-LEMON MATE - Herbal tea - In loose 100g

This mate is scented with Mint leaves, Lemongrass and Lemon peels, which soften its taste, and make this infusion very thirst-quenching.


Flavoured with mint leaves, lemon grass and lemon peel, this mate is a refreshing and very thirst-quenching drink

Product is:

Organic, vegan


100g in loose


Mate is a plant that originates from Latin America.


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Mate is a plant that originates from Latin America where it is known as “Yerba Mate”. It has been consumed in the form of a herbal tea for centuries by the Guarani American Indians to promote vitality, health and longevity. Traditionally drunk in a calabash with a filtering pipe called a “bombilla”, mate is renowned for its revitalising properties because it contains mateine, a substance similar to theine, as well as antioxidants. Thanks to its refreshing taste, this drink is pleasant all year round, but particularly during the summer months.


Organic mate, Organic citronella, Organic mint, Organic lemon peel and Organic lemon flavouring.

How To Use:

Brewing advice : 2g of tea in 20 cl of water at 95°C for 8 minutes. Consume throughout the day and into the evening