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NUILONG Rooibos Hop & Hawthorn Organic - 30 teabags

This rooibos was awarded Best Organic Product 2017 in France by a panel of 100 organic consumers! Nuïlong Sleep Rooibos thus benefits from a concentration of active ingredients that is much greater than that contained in a classic plant infusion.


Rooibos The national drink of South Africa, rooibos is a theine-free infusion, obtained from a shrub belonging to the acacia family that grows exclusively in the Cederberg Valley. A beautiful copper red colour, this infusion offers a slightly spiced, gentle flavour. Completely theine-free, it can be enjoyed at any time of day, even in the evening. Hops & Hawthorn Hops and hawthorn flowers both contain components with relaxing properties, which have been recognised in numerous studies for their calming effect. By facilitating relaxation, they thus promote sound sleep. Bitter Orange Blossom Bitter orange blossom also contributes to sound sleep thanks to its stress-relieving properties.

Product is:

Organic, vegan



Nuïlong, a delicious South African rooibos combined with hops, hawthorn, and bitter orange blossom, certified organic. It is recommended to support good sleep.


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Enjoy throughout the day and in the evening


Organic rooibos (87.1%), natural orange blossom flavour (5%), organic hawthorn powder (3.9%), organic bitter orange powder (2.6%), organic hop powder (1.3%), organic acacia gum (0.1%)

How To Use:

Brew in hot water for 3 to 4 minutes