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Quinta Vale Do Conde 500 ml

This Portuguese oil is complex in flavors, offering a roundness and intensity of its own. It is an olive oil of 1st cold pressing made on the same day of the olive harvest. Fruity and intense, it will sublimate all your dishes.


A fruity fragrance with herbaceous aromas and a floral taste with flavors of almonds and ripe fruit

Product is:

Extra virgin, Protected Designation of Origin, first cold pressing


500 ml


Portugal, Duro region


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Lucia and her passionate team have obtained for this olive oil more than 50 awards around the world for 10 years including the coveted Prize for the Best Olive Oil in 2011. It is used by great chefs around the world , in Montreal by the chef of the Sofitel restaurant and by chef Philippe Molle at the restaurant l'Arrivage at the Pointe à Calière museum.


Extract of three varieties of olives: Verdeal (60%), Madural (20%), Cobrançosa (20%).

How To Use:

It goes well with all dishes thanks to its perfect balance, sprinkled in a thin trickle over pasta, steamed fish or stewed meat, it brings great palatability