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QINERJI Before Sport Organic

Qinerji® Avant Sport is an organic green tea designed to be enjoyed before a sports session to boost energy levels. It combines organic Sencha green tea with hibiscus, ginger, and 2 plants specially selected for their energising properties. This green tea is an ideal accompaniment to weight-lifting and cardio sessions.


Qinerji® Avant Sport has a pleasant citrusy, floral flavour from the first taste, sustained and enhanced by delicately tart hibiscus notes. It finishes on livelier, slightly spiced herbal notes which leave a wonderful taste in your mouth and boost energy levels!

Product is:

Organic, vegan




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Organic sencha green tea (38.8%), organic hibiscus (30%), organic ginger powder (17.5%), organic sweet orange (7.5%), organic cinnamon (4.5%), natural lemon flavour (1.4%), organic acacia gum (0.3%).

How To Use:

Brew in hot water for 3 minutes