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ETERNAL SNOW - Black tea - In loose 100g

This black tea, paying tribute to the famous Indian “masala chai” (literally meaning “spiced tea” in Hindi) is a classic combination of Ceylon black tea and “hot” spices, traditionally enjoyed with milk and sugar at Christmas time in Eastern countries.


It is enhanced by a selection of the best spices: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger. These flavours embrace the palate with their rich, powerful notes.

Product is:

Organic, vegan


100g in loose


The Grands thés des gourmets’ organically grown Tea of Eternal Snow uses the recipe of this famous combination with a base of the wonderful Ceylon black tea, harvested from the heights of the UVA regions of Sri Lanka


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The fresh and tart accompaniments of Orange and Mandarin bring balance to this spiced tea which is the perfect accompaniment to all your mealtimes over winter and its taste will transport you to Christmas and other exotic places. Christmas tea is a must for the festive season. Often prepared from black tea and warm spices, it is a real winter-warming treat! Typical Yuletide fruits are often added: oranges, clementines, mandarins, etc. It was customary to serve a so-called "hot" spicy tea to combat the winter frost. The tradition then spread and the success story continues to this day.


Ceylon Organic Black Tea, Organic ginger, Organic orange peel, Organic cinnamon, Organic cardamom, Organic clove, natural orange flavour, natural mandarin flavour and natural cinnamon.

How To Use:

Brewing advice: 2g of tea in 20 cl of water at 90°C for 4 minutes. Consume up to the middle of the afternoon.