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GREEN tea with Lychee & Coconut - In loose 100g

This original blend subtly combines the freshness of green tea with the fruity and slightly acidic notes of Lychee and the warm, delicious notes of Coconut.


A delicious, organic green tea, its small, fine, regular leaves produce a sweet, sophisticated beverage.

Product is:

Organic, vegan


100g in loose


Originating from the Chinese province of Zhejiang, Lychee Coconut Green Tea is based on a fine variety of green tea known as “Chun Mee” or “old man's eyebrow”


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Enhanced by grated coconut flakes, which add a milky and deliciously sweet, rounded flavour to this composition, this herbal tea can be enjoyed hot or with ice. Embark on a journey to exotic, sun-kissed lands as you sip your cup of tea. Lychee Coconut Green Tea is delicious as iced tea! Use this recipe to make home-made iced tea.


Chun Mee Organic Green Tea, Organic coconut flakes, natural flavour of lychee, natural flavour of coconut.

How To Use:

Brewing advice: 2g of tea in 20 cl of water at 75°C for 3-4 minutes. Consume up to the middle of the afternoon