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GREEN tea with Mint - In loose 100g

The freshness of nanah mint and green tea of legend inspired by a Moroccan recipe, this cru naturel green tea is an excellent tea known as “Gunpowder”. It is a golden, digestive, refreshing tea which can be enjoyed throughout the day. Intense and delicate, it is renowned for freshness and thirst-quenching properties.


Meticulously rolled into small pearls which unfold in the teapot, Gunpowder is a delicious green tea which develops a fresh, delicate flavour

Product is:

Organic, vegan


100g in loose


Grown in the Zhejiang province of China


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The history of Moroccan mint tea dates back to the XIXth century and the Crimean War. Accustomed to drinking herbal teas comprising concoctions of Nanah mint leaves, the Moroccans discovered Gunpowder green tea known as the "Pearl of China". They naturally decided to blend these two remarkable ingredients. Mint tea is offered and consumed as a sign of hospitality because, according to a Tuareg proverb, "three conditions are needed to make tea: time, embers and friends”. It's perfect for rounding off a meal, but it can also be consumed all day long. Mint tea is traditionally prepared in a typically Moroccan teapot and poured from a considerable height, which allows it to oxygenate and release all of its flavours. The presence of froth on the surface of the tea, also known as "turban" is a sign of a successful infusion. The tea is served three times without changing the leaves. The flavours and appearance of the herbal tea therefore change each time it is served.


Gunpowder Organic Green Tea, Organic Nanah mint leaves, natural essence of Nanah mint.

How To Use:

Brewing advice: 2g of tea in 20 cl of water at 85°C for 3 minutes. Consume up to the middle of the afternoon.