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GINGO Healthy - Green tea - 18 teabags

Green tea with hibiscus, verbena and ginkgo biloba to promote circulation. Gingo is the fruit of a combination of tea with the best leaves of Chinese ginkgo biloba, recognised because of their fan shape.


Gingo tea combines the beneficial properties of the best leaves of a Chinese Ginkgo biloba with the antioxidising properties of green tea to create a sweet, pleasant herbal tea.

Product is:

Organic, vegan


18 teabags


Made In China


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Ginkgo biloba, which originates from Asia, is the oldest and most resistant tree on our planet. This majestic tree, nicknamed the "tree of youth", has been given divine status in China and Japan. The properties of its leaves have been discussed in numerous scientific publications. They are used for their beneficial effects on the circulation and especially the legs, during periods of intense heat, when used in conjunction with a varied, balanced diet.


Chinese Sencha green organic tea (24,5%), organic lemongrass (20%), organic ginkgo biloba (19,7%), organic hibiscus (18,5%), organic vine red – dry extract (10%), organic verbena (5%), organic elderberry – dry extract (2%), organic acacia gum (0,3%).

How To Use:

You are advised to drink at least two cups per day.