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MORRI Well-being Jasmin - Green tea - 18 teabags

Today, Thés de la Pagode once again offer you the beneficial properties of Morri Spirit of Awakening tea. It owes its delicious flavour to the subtle blend of green tea and Jasmine. Its fragrance is naturally created by leaving all of the fresh tea leaves and jasmine flowers to dry together naturally.


It owes its delicious flavour to the subtle blend of green tea and Jasmine

Product is:

Organic, vegan


18 teabags


Made In China


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MORRI Well-being Jasmin - Green tea - 60 teabags


Legend has it that, in bygone days, a pagoda attracted large numbers of visitors. Everyone was hoping to taste Morri tea. This is the drink that Buddhist monks of the temple drank to get their minds to be receptive and reach the Spirit of Awakening during their meditation. Following a magnificent ceremony, they gave visitors a cup of this precious jasmine-flavoured tea. This tea was voted Best Organic Product in France of 2017 by a panel of 100 Organic consumers.


Organic jasmine green tea (95%), Organic green tea (5%)

How To Use:

This green tea targets concentration and mental vitality, when consumed as part of a varied, balanced diet. You are advised to drink 2 to 3 cups per day. Morri Awake Spirit tea is excellent in the morning with breakfast and is also an ideal accompaniment for spicy dishes.