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WHITE tea with Orange Blossom - In loose 100g

Delicately flavoured with Orange Blossom, this highly-sophisticated, full-bodied tea is made from the lovely “Pai Mu Tan” variety of tea, meaning “white peony” in Chinese.


Harvested up in the high mountains of China, this tea is floral with sweet, refreshing and delicate notes. Infused with the natural flavour of orange blossom, this drink is a delicious invitation to calm and relaxation.

Product is:

Organic, vegan


100g in loose


Made In China


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White tea is undoubtedly the first tea to have been consumed in China and is at the origins of the history of tea because it is the type of tea that undergoes the least transformation after picking. Like all teas, white tea comes from Camellia Sinensis. Freshly picked, the young tea leaves are simply left to wither for several days. This is followed by the drying stage during which the leaves are dried for storage. The leaf oxidises naturally and takes on a green-grey hue. Rich in buds, the white tea blend sometimes has a velvety, downy appearance. “Bai Mu Dan” (or “Pai Mu Tan” depending on how you spell it) meaning "White Peony", is a widely renowned vintage blend of white tea. The best blends come from the Fujian Province in China. It has a slightly astringent taste followed by piquant, floral notes.


Bai Mu Dan Organic White Tea, natural flavour of orange blossom, Organic marigold petals

How To Use:

Brewing advice: 2g of tea in 20 cl of water 70°C for 6 minutes. Consume up to the middle of the afternoon