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YINPUR Detox - Green tea - 18 bags

Yinpur organic green tea is a detox tea that combines effectiveness and greediness thanks to the selection of the 6 organic ingredients that compose it. Yinpur is indeed a very effective detox and digestive green tea that combines the benefits of star anise, turmeric and black pepper with those of organic green tea.


Honey bush & Green Anise

Product is:

Organic, vegan


18 bags




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Sencha green tea (50%), star anise (30%), honey bush (6,8%), turmeric dry extract (6%), green anise (4,5%), black pepper (2,5%) & acadia gum (0,2%)

How To Use:

Brewing advice: 1 bag in 20 cl of water 80°C for 4 minutes. Consume up to the middle of the afternoon