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RESPIRATION ZEN ® Airway Infusion

Respiration Zen is a herbal tea that combines 8 ingredients for a flavour that is both fresh and powerful, while providing a beneficial effect on the respiratory tracts.


From the first few sips, this infusion of thyme and ginger will start to show its positive effect on your respiration, thanks to its menthol and camphor components. Its scent is very fresh right from the outset, thanks to the combination of pennyroyal, ginger, tulsi and eucalyptus. Over time, the thyme and cardamom provide a warmer flavour. All of this is softened by the spiced and woody notes of Ceylon cinnamon and clove.

Product is:

Organic, vegan




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Enjoy throughout the day and in the evening


Organic ginger (21%), organic tulsi (18%), organic cardamom (16%), organic Ceylon cinnamon (16%), organic thyme (12%), organic pennyroyal (6%), organic cloves (6%), organic eucalyptus (5%).

How To Use:

Brew in hot water for 4 minutes